Recapping the 2023 INOVAIT Discovery Forum

May 5, 2023
Two individuals shake hands and introduce themselves to each other at the INOVAIT Discovery Forum

Last week, the INOVAIT Network hosted its 2nd Annual Discovery Forum, bringing together members from across the country. The meeting was held in person at the Torys LLP offices in Downtown Toronto, which added to the great atmosphere at the event. The meeting provided an opportunity for members to connect, learn and share their experiences. The event was opened by Yolande Dufrense from Torys LLP and Dr. Kullervo Hynynen, Co-Executive Director of INOVAIT and VP of Research and Innovation at Sunnybrook.

Dr. Kullervo Hynynen smiling and standing at a podium labeled INOVAIT in brightly lit and windowed conference room.

The highlight of the meeting was Dr. Deepak Kaura’s Keynote Speech on his experience in building Synthesis Health, a start-up health software company. He shared many entrepreneurial anecdotes and wisdom from launching Synthesis Health in a Canadian market. He also discussed possible solutions for overcoming significant roadblocks in a healthtech entrepreneur’s journey, to encourage and inspire the audience.

Dr. Deepak Kaura presenting his Keynote Speech at the INOVAIT Discovery Forum 2023.

In addition to Dr. Kaura’s presentation, select INOVAIT members participated in three-minute Rapid-Fire Presentations to showcase their companies, new technologies, and opportunities for collaboration and partnership. Presenting INOVAIT companies included: Moonrise Medical, KA Imaging, Profound Medical, Sonic Incytes, Quicker Instruments, Oncoustics, SapienSecure, Arrayus Technologies, Luxsonic, Magellan Biomedical, and Tenomix. This provided an opportunity for members to learn about each other’s work and highlight potential collaborations.

Saumik Bissau from Tenomix presents at the INOVAIT Discovery Forum 2023.
Courtney Zoschke from SapienSecure presenting at the Discovery Forum 2023.

In the afternoon, Raphael Ronen, Co-Executive Director of INOVAIT, presented the INOVAIT Network’s accomplishments and directions over the next several years. In the presentation, he announced that INOVAIT has committed nearly $30 million towards selected projects and grown the network to 75 members nationwide. The overview provided an understanding of INOVAIT’s goals in supporting the image-guided therapy sector in Canada.

Raphael Ronen, Co-Executive Director of INOVAIT, presents at the INOVAIT Discovery Forum 2023.

Following Raphael’s presentation, INOVAIT members participated in the day’s final session of Rapid-Fire Presentations. Those who presented were: Dynamiris, Cohesic, Conavi Medical, Altis Labs, FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Aufero Medical, GE Healthcare, Cosm Medical, Synaptive Medical, and Radialis.

The Discovery Forum ended with time to network and discuss. The networking portion of the event was a great opportunity for members to ask questions about the presentations amongst each other, connect, and discuss potential collaborations and partnerships.

INOVAIT would like to thank all our guests, members, and sponsors who attended the Discovery Forum, especially Torys LLP and the Government of Canada, for making this event a success. We look forward to the next one!

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