Fellowship Program

INOVAIT has partnered with Sunnybrook Research Institute to support the scale up of their flagship training program, Medventions. The Medventions fellowship program is a transformative experience, expanding knowledge, nurturing critical thinking, and inspiring new ideas, creativity, and innovation. The program immerses selected clinical and engineering candidates in the very early stages of identifying unmet clinical needs and the ideation and prototyping of new ideas and solutions in healthcare.

Fellowship recipients will gain access to:

Clinical, scientific and
technical mentors

State-of-the-art resources in technology development, testing and validation

An entrepreneurial-friendly environment that encourages and supports innovation

Funding support for prototyping, device development and commercialization

Through the INOVAIT network, Sunnybrook Research Institute will expand its fellowship training and establish a multi-provincial network of medical technology, image-guided therapy and artificial intelligence skills training involving key research, clinical and industry players.

Check currently available fellowship opportunities at Sunnybrook and Innovate Calgary