IGT Symposium

When: June 10, 2024

Where: Montréal, QC

Join us for the 5th Annual IGT Symposium

The image-guided therapeutics (IGT) Symposium is a scientific conference that brings together scholars from the clinical and research communities who are interested in emerging diagnostic and therapeutic health technologies. The conference is a great opportunity to learn about current research and latest advances within the field of biomedical and diagnostic imaging, artificial intelligence, and image-guided therapeutics.

With world-class speakers, the IGT symposium provides an exceptional value for students, academics, and industry researchers interested in or working with emerging diagnostic and therapeutic health technologies. This conference offers plenty of opportunities to network and identify other like-minded individuals for collaborations and partnerships. The IGT symposium serves as a showcase for new innovations and breakthrough technologies for industry partners. Discover the latest advances in the field of image-guided therapy including computer-aided diagnostic interventions, treatment planning and clinical decision support systems, therapeutics, simulation and image-guided surgery, robotics, and surgical navigation.

IGT Symposium Objectives

  • Create an interactive forum to hear talks about new innovations in image-guided diagnosis and therapy
  • Talks will encompass all areas of healthcare where image guidance is in use from cancer treatment, interventional radiology, joint replacement, minimally invasive surgeries, and cardiovascular care.
  • Academic speakers will be invited to discuss new discoveries in their area.
  • Industry speakers will be invited to talk about technology commercialization, new developments, and products.
  • Discussion about the need for collaboration, seeking expertise, and suggestions for future events will be encouraged