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Image-guided therapy (IGT) has revolutionized the healthcare delivery landscape across many clinical domains; from disrupting the fundamentals of traditional surgery and facilitating the development of minimally invasive procedures to the advancement of new imaging modalities and treatment planning technologies that help make therapeutic interventions less invasive and more precise.

As we look today at the field of IGT, there remains immense potential to leverage this revolutionary concept with endless possibilities. Image-guided therapy helps provide clinicians with a vast amount of complex data that is not currently being used to deliver meaningful insights. Only a small fraction of imaging data is currently being used to plan and monitor therapies. New methods are needed that can better utilize this rich stream of data.

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds tremendous promise to realize the full potential of IGT. Machine learning techniques and big data analytics can help extract actionable insights that could offer new and exciting opportunities that were previously unavailable or unrecognized.

This online lecture series addresses the role of big data in the field of IGT, and the integration of AI data handling into IGT technologies. The curriculum would be helpful for students, entrepreneurs, and scientists who are looking to gain introductory level knowledge about AI and its relevance to IGT technology commercialization.

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