Good Developers – Founder Fridays

On October 8th, Google’s Developer Ecosystems will host a digital Founder Fridays for North American startups focused on Scaling and Tech Adoption in the Health Industry.

With the role of technology in healthcare constantly evolving, how can startups continue to be change agents in terms of adoption of new technology and scaling access to innovation? In this session, we will explore recent progress we’ve seen in health tech and life sciences and the trends coming up in the industry. Whether you’re a founder or a team member, if your startup is focused on healthtech – this one’s for you! We’ll equip you with strategies on how to get in front of your potential customers and tackle barriers to entry.

Join us on October 8th for a rich discussion with Google Health experts, Verily, and startup founders to discuss the latest trends in health technology and how to scale adoption at your startup.

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