The image-guided therapeutics symposium is a great opportunity to learn about current research and latest advances within the field of biomedical and diagnostic imaging, artificial intelligence, and image-guided therapeutics.

The scientific conference brings together scholars from the clinical and research communities who are interested in emerging diagnostic and therapeutic health technologies. Canadian researchers and scientists are encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research abstracts and poster presentations. Prizes are awarded for top contributors to the field of image-guided therapeutics and diagnostics. With its high-quality talks, the symposium provides an exceptional value for students, academics, and industry researchers. The day is an excellent opportunity to network and identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership. It also serves as a showcase for new innovations and breakthrough technologies for industry partners.


June 12th, 2023, | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (EST)

Join us for our fourth instalment and first in-person meeting! Focused on institutional research highlights, we have a line-up of academic and industry experts in the field of image-guided therapy space who will discuss their current initiatives, discoveries, breakthroughs, and journeys to success!

The meeting in Toronto offers a great opportunity to hear the latest advances in the field of image-guided therapy including computer-aided diagnostic interventions, treatment planning and clinical decision support systems, therapeutics, simulation and image-guided surgery, robotics, and surgical navigation.

Registration is open – reserve your spot now!

Symposium Objectives

  • Create an interactive forum to hear talks about new innovations in image-guided diagnosis and therapy
  • Talks will encompass all areas of healthcare where image guidance is in use from cancer treatment, interventional radiology, joint replacement, minimally invasive surgeries, and cardiovascular care.
  • Academic speakers will be invited to discuss new discoveries in their area.
  • Industry speakers will be invited to talk about technology commercialization, new developments, and products.
  • Discussion about the need for collaboration, seeking expertise, and suggestions for future events will be encouraged! 

Program agenda and keynote speakers will be announced soon!

Call for Abstracts

The IGTD Committee is pleased to invite authors to submit their abstracts for invited oral and poster presentations. The organizers welcome the submissions of original contributions to the field of image-guided therapeutics and diagnostics.There will be prizes for the top 3 abstracts!

Key Dates & Deadlines

Abstract Submission Deadline: April 14, 2023

Results Announced: April 28, 2023

Abstract Instructions

The abstract should provide a concise and compelling summary of your research. The four Cs of abstract writing include completeness, conciseness, clarity and cohesiveness.

  • Introduction/Background (This should include the topic area, context, clinical need, disease target, description of research, novelty of research/innovation)
  • Objectives/Methods (Discuss the problem statement, hypothesis, the gap as well as the major points of your work – the design and approach)
  • Results (include significant findings of your project showing implications on how this research adds to the body of science)
  • Conclusions (include implications of your findings with evidence and data to support your conclusions)
  • Technology Transfer or Significance (Novelty, relevance, strategy, collaboration, market, IP, regulatory, etc.) * if relevant
  • Keep all elements of your abstract (pictures, tables, graphics, drawings, photos) simple. Abstract should not require extensive explanations and should include references.

Mandatory Formatting Instructions

  • PDF, one (1) letter-size page maximum, 5 MB maximum
  • Times New Roman 11-point font
  • All margins must be at least 2 cm
  • All abstracts must be in English
  • Names and affiliations of ALL authors
  • All abstracts must be searchable
  • Any figures and/or images must be embedded on the page

By submitting an abstract, the authors agree to allow publication of the content on the symposium website and in publications and communication materials. Please submit your abstract to Dr. Ahmed Nasef at [email protected] 


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