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Magellan Biomedical

Toronto based venture, Magellan Biomedical, is leading the development of image-guided therapy technology focused on enhancing current cardiovascular interventions. This technology not only allows clinicians to achieve localized position control of any off-the-shelf guidewire, but also enhances the navigation of such devices by leveraging the power of 3D imaging. With roughly 50-80% of typical peripheral arterial disease procedure time dedicated to manipulating the guidewire, such technology has the potential to drastically reduce procedure times as well as overall failure rates. Magellan Biomedical’s technology fits seamlessly into current practices making adoption of the product easy and cost-effective.

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Funded Projects

Project TitleOrganizations InvolvedINOVAIT ContributionsTotal Project Cost
Computer vision based surgical planning tools for craniomaxillofacial (CMF) restorationSunnybrook Research Institute
Calavera Surgical Design Inc.
$106,836.27 $320,508.80
Optical Coherence Tomography with Machine Learning to provide real time confirmation of MRI and Stereotactic guided breast biopsy coresPerimeter Medical Imaging AI, Inc.
Joint Department of Medical Imaging - Mount Sinai Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Women's College Hospital
$117,750.00 $377,750.00
Image guided therapy powered by virtual reality and artificial intelligenceLuxsonic Technologies
University of Saskatchewan
$125,000.00 $490,887.50
Artificial intelligence applied to planning, clinical diagnostics and stability assessment in spine stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT)Sunnybrook Research Institute
Altis Labs Inc.
$125,000.00 $427,205.54
Forward-Looking Intravascular Ultrasound For Image-Guided RevascularizationRyerson University
Magellan Biomedical
Sunnybrook Research Institute
$125,000.00 $509,257.50
Electrical Impedence Tomography (EIT) System for Image-Guided Outpatient Therapy for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)Tidal Medical Inc.
Carleton University
University of Waterloo
$125,000.00 $611,250.00
Image registration and fusion for coronary angiography-derived index of vascular resistanceOpsens
$125,000.00 $375,450.40
Integration of AI tools into 3D ultrasound-guided prostate biopsyFocal Healthcare Inc.
Robarts Research Institute
$125,000.00 $488,318.97
An AI-based software to enable early and opportunistic screening for osteoporosis from conventional x-ray16 Bit Inc.
Sectra Canada
$125,000.00 $755,042.97
Product development & clinical validation of IRegained MyHand™ System: A novel hand function rehabilitation system for persons with stroke.IRegained Inc.
Sunnybrook Research Institute
$125,000.00 $462,730.00
Automated prognostication and pulmonary function quantification from pretreatment computed tomography imaging of early-stage lung cancer patients.Altis Labs
University Health Network
$125,000.00 $375,440.33

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